• Monster Plugs (#179-187)

Monster Plugs (#179-187)

$15.00 AUD

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Made to order Monster Plugs (#179-187)

Choose from-
*179 Mareep
*180 Flaaffy
*181 Ampharos
*182 Bellossom
*183 Marill
*184 Azumarill
*185 Sudowoodo
*186 Politoed
*187 Hoppip

Please type your plug choice in the text box using the exact name as above

Type: Double Flare Surgical Steel

Available Sizes: 5mm - 50mm
Also Available: 16G Fake Plugs

Quantity: Sold per pair (2 plugs)

These are made to order.
Please allow 2 weeks BEFORE shipping.

Tags: PKMP

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